The Future BRH aims to deliver a thriving inclusive research ecosystem that inspires a diverse future biomanufacturing community

Numerous studies show under-representation of various groups in STEM subjects and the workforce, and multiple data shows a lack of diversity in research settings. The Future BRH is addressing these inequalities through its EDI objectives summarised below.

Future BRH will engage the whole of society by:

  • Establishing a strong community of practice and positive action
  • Developing a thriving and inclusive research and innovation ecosystem with inclusivity and integrity at all levels
  • Embracing and nurturing diversity and equality in biomanufacturing
  • Recognising and acting on under-representation, and retention and development of key skills, by inspiring, nurturing and retaining talent through positive actions
  • Undertaking outreach and engagement activities to target under-represented groups
  • Fostering positive action to level up opportunities
  • Instilling inclusive communication in all activities
  • Embedding a sensitive and inclusive culture of respect with clear behavioral expectations
  • Enforcing zero tolerance to bullying or harassment
  • Identifying, acknowledging and tackling structural inequalities specific to the field