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Building a Bottom-Up Bioeconomy

What could the future bioeconomy look like? In this month's Issues in Science and Technology, Future BRH academic Phil Shapira and colleagues discuss a vision of an industrial ecosystem enabled by engineering that better meets society’s changing needs. But getting...

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Future BRH Annual Brochure 2022

The Future BRH Annual Brochure 2022 is now live! Learn about the Future BRH vision, our recent scientific developments and our industrial partnerships. To download click here or take a look online here.  

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Future BRH Capabilities Videos

Interested to learn about Future BRH Capabilities? Take a look at our new video here , where Future BRH Research Fellow, Dr Aled Roberts explains one of the projects he has been involved in to immobilise enzymes, nature’s catalysts, on wood-derived cellulose...

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