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Manchester iGEM team wins gold

Under the supervision of Future BRH scientist Professor Eriko Takano, The University of Manchester’s iGEM team recently won a gold medal for their achievements at this year’s Giant Jamboree in Boston. The team created genetically engineered bacteria for a novel hair...

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Future BRH Collaboration with FabricNano

A key aspiration of the Future BRH is to work with SMEs to evaluate and develop innovative technologies towards biomanufacturing applications. With this goal in  mind, Research Fellows Dr Itziar Penafiel and Dr Sebastian Cosgrove have started a collaborative project...

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Helping Robots to Build New Antibiotics

A team from The University of Manchester, led by Future BRH and SYNBIOCHEM scientist Professor Eriko Takano,  have engineered a common gut bacterium to produce a new class of antibiotics by using robotics. These antibiotics, known as class II polyketides, are also...

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