A team from Future BRH comprising of Prof Nigel Scrutton, Dr Rosalind Le Feuvre and Dr Pamila Sharma attended the SynbiTECH 2023 conference in London on 5-6 December 2023. SynbiTECH is the UK’s leading synthetic biology conference, providing a platform dedicated to fostering innovation in synthetic biology, bringing together visionary leaders and industry experts as well as providing opportunity to forge connections and network with peers, potential clients, policy experts, investors and collaborators. Prof Nigel Scrutton was a plenary speaker, who discussed achievements of C3 Biotech on synthetic fuel. During the conference, Andrew Griffith MP, the Minister of State for the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology, unveiled the Government’s vision for Engineering Biology accompanied by the plan to invest £2 Billion in the sector over the next decade.  For more details, read our  SynbiTECH 2023 Stakeholders Update.



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