A key aspiration of the Future BRH is to work with SMEs to evaluate and develop innovative technologies towards biomanufacturing applications. With this goal in  mind, Research Fellows Dr Itziar Penafiel and Dr Sebastian Cosgrove have started a collaborative project with FabricNano focused on the immobilisation of MIB-developed enzymes onto DNA fabric scaffolds. The aim is to optimise the activity and stability performance of these systems with a view to scaling this immobilisation technique and integrating it with other Future BRH industrial partner biomanufacturing strategies.  

About FabricNano: FabricNano is actively looking for additional industrial partners to pilot this new immobilisation platform at the Future BRH.  FabricNano is seeking to work on a panel of mutant single enzymes or multi-enzyme cascades already deployed industrially. When working with a panel of single enzymes, the FabricNano immobilisation platform evolves to suit the particular mutant enzyme and operating conditions provided by the client. For multi-enzyme cascades, the FabricNano platform can collocate biocatalysts within 10nm of each other for greatly improved reaction activity (more than 25x speed in most cases). FabricNano is actively seeking to expand its early adopter commercial programme as well as partnerships in the Future BRH. Please reach out to their CEO at grant.aarons@fabricnano.com to discuss further. https://fabricnano.com


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