Synthetic biology has been widely championed worldwide as a driving force for the ‘bioeconomy’. This new conference organised by Wellcome, will showcase the latest research within synthetic biology that impacts human health. The conference will present how technologies from synthetic biology are delivering innovations across clinical health applications and leading towards improved global health.

The meeting will bring together researchers working on synthetic biology, biotechnology, genomics and medical sciences, along with industry members from pharma and biotech companies, and investors and funders in this growing research area. It will address how the technologies coming out of synthetic biology impact both advanced healthcare in developed countries (e.g. personalised medicines, T-cell therapies) and global wide-impact, such as very low-cost diagnostics and self-replicating living therapies. In addition, the conference aims to provide a reflection on where resources and work are succeeding and where more effort needs to be placed to ensure equitable global outcomes.

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